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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Informant wrote this

This is a very complex and long-running story.

Briefly, it involves government abuse against a father who has tried to protect his children from harm.

SDPD Detective Tim Williams has been involved in years of harassment against the family of Craig Swanson. It appears he is attempting to help CPS cover up how they acted incompetently and with neglect and left his kids in a home living with a felon drug abuser who died from a drug overdose. Swanson's ex-wife made false allegations of child sexual abuse against him to distract from the injuries and the medical problems the children were having. The drug felon is Nina Karen Howard, a former Kaiser Permanente nurse who died from fentanyl overdose about a week after moving out of Swanson's ex-wife's home.

CPS refused to help. As the children's injuries and illnesses continued both before and after Nina Karen Howard's death (he did not learn of her death until half a year later), Swanson filed a complaint against CPS.

It was investigated County of San Diego staff and was to result in disciplinary action against the social workers involved. The supervisor of one of these social workers then used the ex's false allegations as justification to retaliate against Swanson for his complaint. It appears she got Williams involved to help. And Williams has heavily involved himself in efforts to railroad, harass, and defame Swanson and his family ever since.

There is more information on this story here:

This nightmare continues today.

There are many people throughout the San Diego family law community who are involved in this case and have acted in bad faith and possible violation of laws. This includes at least on former minor's counsel attorney who is now a Superior Court judge, Margo Lewis. She (along with CPS and the police) hid the investigation results concluding that there had been no child sexual abuse for TWO YEARS in a what appears to be a ploy to drive up her billing and get more money out of the family.

This story has the potential to shock the community into action to clean up the corrupt mess in the police, CPS, and courts that are causing immense harm to so many San Diego families. Many lawyers, judges, CPS social workers, and others depend upon their ability to take children from families and drive conflict to get money out of the families. Thousands of children and parents are being hurt. This story is among the worst of them in recent years.


  1. Anonymous3:31 PM

    Informant's posting could use some evidence to substantiate it. Here are links to evidence of the involvement of Tim Williams and Nina Karen Howard in this case.

    Threatening email alleged to be sent by Tim Williams or co-conspirator

    Autopsy records of Nina Karen Howard showing her death by fentanyl poisoning

    Nina Karen Howard drug felony court files

    County of San Diego Child Welfare Services employees Celia Young and Kelly Monge were also involved in harming this family after the father filed a complaint against Young for her failure to do a background check on Nina Karen Howard.

    San Diego has a reputation for destroying fathers and men with false child abuse allegations. Some of the worst false child abuse allegation cases were run out of that county. Apparently they are still doing the same today.

    Nobody can read the minds of these sick people. To the outside observer aware of the facts of this case, it appears the government intends to hide their failure to do their jobs to protect children from actual injuries by hurting the children and father. To do this, they are aiding an abusive mother with her false allegations that she started pursuing to hide the accuracy of the father's stated concerns about her roommate Nina Karen Howard and the many unusual injuries these children experienced.

  2. Anonymous8:34 PM

    Kelly Monge is a card-carrying SIEU union member who works as a heterophobic lesbian social worker for San Diego CPS. Like many of her Count of San Diego Child Welfare Services coworkers, she hates men and discriminates against them.

    Her lesbian lover, Trina May Mescher, died around the time Kelly Monge committed numerous abuses against the family mentioned in this posting. Mescher was another of the many anti-male lesbian CPS social workers in San Diego. They work together to ensure children will not have fathers because it is part of their lesbian agenda.


    May 14, 1964-Sept. 10, 2007

    Trina May Mescher, 43, of La Mesa died Monday. She was born in La Mesa and was a children's social worker for San Diego County and the Polinsky Children's Center. She served in the Navy.

    Survivors include her companion, Kelly Monge; parents, Dr. Sondra Mehlhop of Lake Cuyamaca and Linus Mescher of Portland, Ind.; stepmother, Margaret Mescher of Portland, Ind.; stepfather, Dr. Werner Mehlhop of Lake Cuyamaca; brother, Scott Mescher of Portland, Ind.; and grandmother, Mildred Clary of La Mesa.

    Visitation and viewing: 4 to 8 p.m. today, El Camino Memorial-La Mesa Chapel, 8390 Allison Ave., La Mesa.

    Services: 2 p.m. tomorrow at the chapel.

    Here's more information on Monge in case she is harming your family and you need to know more about her:

    SIEU union member profile for Kelly Monge in San Diego

    Kelly Monge on Linked In

    She is highly educated and detail oriented as shown by her excellent spelling ability in her Linked In profile in which she describes her job as a Protective Sercives Worker.

  3. San Diego Sucks8:53 PM

    Margo Lewis is a liar. She's abused and harmed many kids and parents in San Diego as part of the family courts scheme to milk the population for profit of their friends.

    Her friends who are judges have helped her do this. They appointed her to cases and hid their conflict of interest from the families involved as Lewis worked for foment conflict and rack up more billable hours. One of her favorite techniques is to hide evidence that would clear a parent of child abuse allegations to prolong her involvement. It's fraud upon the court, often with the full cooperation of the judge.

    Now Margo Lewis is a judge herself, her reward for her part in the rampant corruption so loved by San Diego's courts.

    Horrible Family Law Attorney's #1 MARGO LEWIS

    Her business partners David Schulman and the Moores are still following in her criminal footsteps.

  4. Anonymous5:55 AM

    I heard that Karen Howard had a raging fight with her landlord Lois. She was kicked out of the apartment. That's why she was in the hotel where she was found dead.

    Anybody ever consider the landlord might of wanted her dead? Fentanyl has been used to commit murder.

  5. Anonymous6:10 PM

    In 2007, Lois Yu made claims of child abuse and pornography against Craig Swanson and Robert Swanson. These apparently resulted in suspension of Craig Swanson's custody and CPS and police investigations. We found no criminal cases related to these claims, so it appears her allegations were not supported by evidence. It is our understanding that the area's District Attorney makes a decision whether to proceed on a case or not within one year. As of February 2009, no charges or criminal cases were filed despite the investigation initiated around October 2007 and apparent collection via search warrant in March 2008 of property including documents, photographs, and computer equipment.

    San Diego Police Department Detective Timothy Williams has been accused by Craig Swanson and his attorney of engaging in a pattern of abusive and harassing conduct. This complaint document and threats allegedly made via email by Tim Williams were previously reported to Wikileaks, but the document was redacted to omit the names of Lois Yu, Craig Swanson, and other parties involved. Accusations against Williams are numerous and include lying to San Diego Superior Court, lying to Hannah's House supervised visitation center staff, and improper contact with Judge Earl Maas III with intent to influence him ex-parte which resulted in the judge recusing from the case.

    Craig Swanson has stated a belief that either Lois Yu or her roommate Nina Karen Howard were involved in a scalding injury to Swanson and Yu's 15 month old child in January 2007. Howard was convicted of felony drug charges in San Diego Superior Court case SCD197010 filed on February 17, 2006. She was found dead of an apparent illegal drug overdose in Carlsbad, California, on April 23, 2007. This is allegedly about a week after she moved out of Lois Yu's home. According to court documents, her death was not known to Swanson until November 2007. No charges or criminal cases were filed against Yu or Howard in regards to child abuse.

    Lois Yu and San Diego Police Department Detective Timothy Williams apparently talked Lois Yu's pastor, Douglas Baker of Faith Community Church by the Sea, into filing a civil harassment suit against Craig Swanson on March 7, 2008, as case 37-2008-00052183-CU-HR-NC. Baker attempted to convince the court that Swanson was a threat to him because Swanson had sent him emails about Yu's behaviors and allegedly false statements in the divorce detailing how Swanson viewed Baker as interfering with the divorce and repeating alleged lies of Lois Yu. The case was dismissed with prejudice.

    Lois Yu filed domestic violence restraining order cases against Craig Swanson's parents, Robert Swanson and Virginia Swanson, on March 26, 2008, as cases DV026981 and DV026982. Yu's attorney dropped the case against Virginia Swanson on the trial date. The case against Robert Swanson was dismissed with prejudice.

    Lois Yu filed a cross-complaint for slander per se against Craig Swanson. Her claims appear to be based in part upon the MITRE security clearance complaint (see [MITRE security clearance violation]) and its various allegations that she has committed crimes and risky behaviors and how her alleged mental health problems, including Borderline Personality Disorder, explain her behaviors. It does not appear that Yu's sexual affair(s) were known until later.

  6. Anonymous10:10 PM

    Lois Yu is a very sick person. Swanson's therapist believes she suffers from Borderline Personality Disorder and wrote the court about it. Yu has since then harassed the therapist for years via false and misleading complaints to the State of California.

    Based upon review of the court cases involving these parties and others connected to them, it appears that Lois Yu, an employee of MITRE Corporation, was the target of a military intelligence investigation which was for some reason pursued as an espionage investigation. None of the documents available to us suggest why that was done. Yu claims her ex and ex-father-in-law accused her of being a spy, but documents suggest that they did not but did have concerns about Yu failing to report relevant information to security clearance granting authorities and alleged criminal behaviors and mental illnesses that might deem her unsuitable for a security clearance.

    Apparently other parties are upset about allegedly lax MITRE Corporation standards for security clearances and allegedly unacceptable behaviors by MITRE employees. The discussion on this article has expanded far beyond its original topic, bringing in other MITRE employees.

    Lois Yu herself admits in court filings that she had an affair with James W. Hodge Jr. while she was married to Craig Swanson. James W. Hodge Jr. is a MITRE employee claimed to have a TS/SCI security clearance who has been alleged to be involved in questionable behaviors involving Lois Yu and other people. Yu claimed that this affair occurred after an earlier divorce filing by Craig Swanson and accused him of being in love with another woman. Swanson denied this, however, and pointed out that the that divorce filing was in 1998 and Lois Yu apparently did not work for MITRE Corporation until 2002. Yu's statements therefore appear inconsistent with other court filings.

    Craig Swanson and Angela Hodge, the former wife of James W. Hodge Jr., allege that Lois Yu's affair with James W. Hodge Jr. started while she was pregnant with Craig Swanson's child, in 2002 or 2003. They specifically refer to a trip to Hawaii by James W. Hodge Jr. and Lois Yu in January 2003 in which the two allegedly engaged in sexual relations while Yu was six to seven months pregnant.

    Angela Hodge stated that during her marriage to James W. Hodge Jr., he carried on an affair with Lois Yu. She believes they continued their sexual affair until October 2007 or later. Craig Swanson apparently did not learn of the affair until mid-2008.

    According to legal documents filed in the Yu vs. Swanson divorce case, Angela Hodge and Craig Swanson both accused James W. Hodge Jr. of computer hacking and illegal interception and redistribution of confidential email communications protected by US law. They also accused him of impersonating Angela Hodge via email to insult and extract information from Craig Swanson. James W. Hodge Jr. denied the allegations, claiming that he continued to share an email account with his ex-wife after their divorce.

    Lois Yu is or was an employee of MITRE Corporation's San Diego site.

    James W. Hodge Jr. is or was an employee of MITRE Corporation's Colorado Springs site. He reportedly does frequent business travel, the San Diego site being one of his destinations.

  7. Anonymous10:53 PM

    She lives near MITRE offices in San Diego where she works.

    Lois Yu
    Rosecrans St
    San Diego, CA 92106

    You might find her at Rock Church on Rosecrans or Faith Community Church.
    She tells churches many lies to get them to help her.

  8. Anonymous10:55 PM

    By looking on the web, I found she lives near MITRE offices in San Diego where she works.

    Lois Yu
    301 Rosecrans Street
    San Diego, CA 92106

    You might run across her at Rock Church on Rosecrans or Faith Community Church.
    She spends much time at churches lying to get them to help her.

    Stay away from her. She is a psycho.

  9. Anonymous1:30 PM

    Craig Swanson is a twisted psycho loser posting all this nonsense. Get a life, Craig.

    BTW, the poster, Craig, believed his wife had a affair. So some say he then searched out his wife's ex-lover and found that couple had divorced. So it's been said that Craig then married the ex-wife of that guy. Twisted minds, really. Craig is probably one of the best liars around, but don't believe his twisted BS for a minute.

  10. Anonymous1:32 PM

    FUCK YOU. You fucking liar

  11. Somebody posted the appeal documents regarding the marriage of Lois Yu and Craig Swanson. Please read the PDf document and you will find "the rest of the story." Craig Swanson created many blogs in an effort to garner support. in the appeals document, it states that Craig's testimony was self-serving, non responsive and NOT credible. He used "extremely poor judgement." the document says Craig Swanson allowed others to hold the children down while he "excessively, inappropriately and intrusively photographed their genitials." more than 50 genital photos existed.

    Way to go Craig Swanson.

    Anybody reading any of the blogs that are about this case will now know the truth. Craig Swanson is a liar and even worse.

    The court states Craig Swanson has a first amendment right to post all of his trash. Now that the truth is out, who is really the trash? not hard to figure out.

  12. Court Of Appeal Document was posted in PDF regarding this case. please read the whole document.

    Basically the court said the parents' testimony was self-serving, not responsive and not credible. lois proved 100 percent of the child care and the children were doing well.

    Interestingly, "Craig allowed others to hold the children down while he 'excessively, inappropriately and intrusively photographed the[ir] genitials.' More than 50 separate photos existed."

    Looks like Craig has ZERO credibilty and ALL of his blogs must be disregarded.
    Wow...photographing the children's genetials? Showing your true colors, Craig.

  13. Anonymous12:43 AM

    Craig, You are still a certified kaniving proven liar on all fronts. May you rot for your crimes.


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