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Friday, April 29, 2011

Senate should reject GOP cuts in human services

Senate should reject GOP cuts in human services

When it comes to government responsibilities, it doesn't get more important than protecting the most vulnerable people. Iowans rightly expect the state to investigate child-abuse allegations, keep foster kids safe and ensure people have basics like food and health care.

Note: I agree. The cuts will affect family preservation services as well. Until they can create a world that can sustain and support the population...


  1. OK people-- do we not yet understand the fact that CPS and family courts are part of Health and Human Services and that it is all a financial empire built on tearing apart loving, non abusive families for profit? There is great profit in adopting out the children to 'foster-adopt' caregivers that want to adopt. State agents and judges that mislead the public and neglect the 'best interests of the child' MUST be punished. Reunification and preservation services must be attempted. Absolute imminent danger of harm MUST be provable prior to the removal of children from their parents. (Not just hearsay of the social workers and their parrots... I mean to say 'treatment providers'.) Family (for example: grandparents) MUST be given first consideration for placement of the children over foster care. Child abuse allegations MUST be investigated by law enforcement authorities since child abuse is a crime-- not a civil matter. The evidence standard in civil cases is 51%... far less than the criminal standard of evidence. That is why CPS gets by with stealing and selling so many children-- especially marketable newborn babies. Furthermore, even older children are profitable to the CPS system because every day they are in state custody- the state collects money from the government. Get the picture?

  2. Denise is right on target. But we have to get to the bottom of the problem. We need to STOP the funding. Most other moves suggested enlarge a already very corrupt system. Jury trials? with jusges and attorney that already aren't doing the job? What is that going to solve? MONEY the biggest incentive needs to be removed. We need to get control back into out citizens and churches hands. If someone isn't doing their job we can fire and remove them. Our system is so corrupt I don't know if we can turn it around. Good Judges often get their rulings overturned on appeals. This hurts them because their colleges turn against them and often they have to have the courage to stand alone. Judith Faye


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