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Saturday, April 30, 2011

From David

My wife and i came under fire from Durham C.A.S after we requested a change of worker and challenged there lack of abilities ,and unprofessional conduct of one of there workers.

Threats were made towards my wife ,an illegal search accompanied by Durham Regional Police was conducted at her home,my wife was threatened by a supervisor named Cindy that if she did not leave me,she would not be able to see her son,that they would take him from her care and give him to his father Salvador,etc.

The day after i challenged them,my wife was told by a worker named Cindy that i was no longer allowed to be near my baby boy unless under adult supervision.Hmm?? Funny the day before i was allowed to be near him with no issues!????

THE C.A.S (PRIVATE CORPORATION) ARE A COMPLETE JOKE! unprofessional,terrible STUPID workers,they make the rules as they go! ,and should you dare to challenge them they will attack you as rabid wolves.

I am outraged ,and have decided to make it a major part of my life to now battle the C.A.S and there injustices. My new good friend CHAD WELLS of CANADA COURT WATCH has invited me into the fold,and i am happy and deeply honored to be counted amongst such devoted defenders of truth and justice.

Live free or die!

David Lovell ,Oshawa On.

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