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Saturday, April 30, 2011

By Someone Who Doesn't Wish To Be Named

On September 4th of 2010 I celebrated my Birthday at my own home which I bought 2 years ago. I was having a great time and went to sleep around 4am of Saturday, September 5th. I woke up at 8am to find my house had been burglarized. The rest of Saturday I spent trying to put things together. Nobody in my house heard anything not my partner nor her son. I was glad nothing had happened to them. The Burglars took my prized stuff and my car.

Anyways, Sunday everything spilled over. My partner whom always had a problem of letting ME take my own DAUGHTER on my own or letting my family be with her. Had a final fit. We where invited to breakfast and afterwards my sister took my daughter with her kids to a local park for fun. My partner kept calling and calling my sister and my mother. FInally they came and dropped her off and my partner rudely rushed to the car and pulled out my daughter from my mothers car. We got into a heated argument inside the house afterwards. I asked my mother to come over since both my mother and partner have had a fairly good relationship (had). Well we are all there at the house and my mother goes to the room to talk with my partner whom is packing things. She begins to argue with my mother and then tells both her and my father to leave the house. This angered me and I went over to tell her to Respect my parents! She then said she was going to call the police. She did and she lied and said that I had thrown her to the floor, thrown something at her back and thrown her ontop of the stove!!

I spent the 3 most dreaded days of my life among the criminal element of our society. Men broken by reality drug addicts, gang members, violent felons etc... An environment to which I am not accustomed. Having to be humiliated and ripped from my own home by the person I thought I loved right in front of my parents.

Criminal court dropped my case because there was obviously NO evidence of these accusations. But DCFS got involved and there they accused me of DV, they accused me of being a Binge Drinker since I told them how I had a few beers for my Bday, but worst of all they accused me of being a danger to my very own beautiful little girl of 3 years. Now I have to be supervised to see my own precious daughter whom I love with my heart. I am being forced to take and PAY for a bunch of classes that I DO NOT NEED to do! I am not a violent man, not an alcoholic and would never be a danger to my daughter. This is unjust and DCFS threatens my partner with saying that she lied or they will take my baby from even her. I only know this because of the lady that supervises whom is a friend of us both. I am honestly tired of this. This is all unjust and horrible. A man of 29 years that works his ass of to provide a home and dignity for his family is wrongfully accused of a horrible crime right after being burglarized and now I have to live with my parents and cannot be at my very own house which I bought 2 years ago and am now still paying the mortgage for even tho I cannot live there. I am tired and dont think I can stand the next court date. I need help if any at least support. I dont know what else to say...

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