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Friday, April 29, 2011

How To Peal Away A Foster Child's Protective Defenses

Professional Parental Alienation Training Module 1

How To Peal Away A Foster Child's Protective Defenses

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  1. Trisha Holmeide1:52 AM

    This article gives me an idea. So, what bio-parents and families need are advocates and legal resorcestoo. Those poor foster parents caught by the same out-of-control CPS system as most bio-parents and families are all wrapped up in teaching one another how to protect against faulty reports--what they need to realize is kids will be kids and years ago a child wasn't taught how to blackmail his or her parents. And, it isn't the kid that is so much out of line (they are after-all kids and do kid-like things), but the rotten system that allows a corrupt agency to have the power to find someone guilty of an arbitrary rule without ever having to go through a court of law and then destroy that person't reputation, possibly their career and their right to have any children in their lives even their own grandchildren for the rest of their lives. THAT'S what needs to be changed. CPS needs to disappear and the Sheriff's office should be the means of investigating reports and then people whould be able to have due process of law before they can found guilty.


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