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Saturday, April 30, 2011

And I'm not going to tell you who wrote this either.

In 2009 I was the would-be victim of a mugging on the New York City subway system. I was able to get myself and my 4 year old son away from my assailant, but was injured in the process. When I went to the police for help, I was denied medical attention and held by the police under threat of arrest. My son was taken to the hospital and I was denied my legal right to go with him. The hospital called the Administration for Children's Services and claimed I "abandoned" my boy there. That was a blatant lie, the police would not tell me where my son was taken and would not let me leave the police station. As a result, my son was placed in a foster home for one month while I fought the system to get him back. In that home he was beaten and his belongings were stolen from him. I was also constantly asked for cash by the pregnant teen foster mother and her convict boyfriend, and when I refused they always had an excuse why they couldn't meet with me so I could see my son. Conditions were so bad in the foster home that my son asked me to bring luggage to a visit so he could hide in it and go home. I didn't do it, but I wanted to. The system harassed me for an entire year after I got him back, showing up at my home for "home visits" including during his 5th birthday party. My family is now healing from what these people did to us, but the process is slow. I now suffer panic attacks and so does my son. We are currently suing ACS, the NYPD and Little Flower foster placement agency. Also, of possible interest to readers, the supervising caseworker responsible for this nightmare was indicted yesterday for criminally negligent homicide. Apparently she decided to harass an innocent person instead of taking care of real cases of abuse. As a result, a 4 year old girl died. She weighed 18 pounds, and was beaten, restrained and starved by her mother and grandmother. Nice, isn't it?

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