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Saturday, April 30, 2011

by an anonymous victim of the British Forced Adoption Scam

My baby has been taken by social services birmingham and they want to put her up for adoption she's only 4 months and been in care 5 weeks. I miss her so much I would never harm her but social services say I'm too much of a risk! How? I don't know! They told me I wasn't to put my babys dad on the birth certificate. Its like there's no one out there to help. How is this legal? All I know I love my daughter no matter what!

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  1. They cant tell you who and who not to put on the birth certificate. My advice would be DO put the fathers name on the certificate. If he is on your side/with you it gives you more fighting power. Go to the nearest court or download a document and put and immediate application in for 'Immediate Return Order'

    Take care, Justice For UK Families


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