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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

This weeks Tabloid Harp-a-thon Nicholas Cage

Nic Cage Dropped His Son During Drunken Arrest – May Be Facing Child Protection Probe

Not only did Nicolas Cage not know where he lived last weekend during his drunken stupor in New Orleans, but according to the Incident Report obtained by RadarOnline, the actor dropped his son while he was intoxicated.
Nicolas Cage may be investigated for child abuse

Nicolas Cage Investigated by New Orleans Police for Child Abuse

Nicolas Cage Arrest Sparked Child Abuse Investigation

Nic Cage May Face Child Protection Probe

Nicholas Cage Hurt His Son During His Drunken Arrest? Really?

Nicolas Cage quizzed over child abuse claims after 'dropping son, 5, on night of drunken arrest'

Nicolas Cage: 'Hysterical' and 'Irrational' While Talking to Cops, Report Says

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