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Saturday, April 30, 2011

From John

I have a very long story that was written in the book "In the Worst Interest" Though I was never convicted of any crimes against my children I have not seen my daughters for nearly 25 years. They have been told that I was found guilty of abuse in 1985 however I am a 32 year veteran in the service of the Minnesota Army National Guard, a federal forest fire fighter and have been a LPN who had worked in medical needs foster and group homes. When I was going through the separation from my first wife who was later diagnosed with multiple mental health issues the CPS worker involved often bragged about how he gets to lie in court to trick the judge to sign away my rights and that if "I didn't have the maturity to sign away my parental rights on his command and need to find the courage to comitt suicide since my death would be the only thing of value I could ever give my children" Th irony of it was the fact in 1979, my senior year in high school, I took an EMT course at Inver Hills Community College that I had paid for working as a janitor for a local nursing home, that class eventually would lead to the changes in the Advance Placement Program allowing high school students to have college credits added to their high school diplomas, had I been able to have those credits added to my high school diploma I would had finally been able to become an honor student since my grades where just below the line.

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