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Friday, December 24, 2010

Submitted by Amber

My children are being held against there will with Oregon state cps. There are not being permitted to speak to me. Except for my 5yr old son Collin. My 12 & 8yr old have had no contacted with since there father was allowed to abandon them at his brothers house against my knowledge. I had contacted several law enforcement agencies in ca. and in or. Oregon had sided that the father did no wrong and I should obtain a court order in the state I live in to retain custody and come to Oregon to retrieve my children. I did that ans was arrested for trying to contact my children. Thus the police/cps placed my children with my husbands brother and gave him foster status while i went to jail for telephonic harassment for contacting the my husbands family addressing my court order to pick up my children. cps had made so many claims to bash me as a wonderful parent and current keeps my children ..its Christmas and I have a court order to speak to my youngest twice service has not made any effort to make that happen and has let the brother leave to another city for Xmas...reunification is the plan ..but how is that suppose to happen with incompetent cps workers and there public defenders who could care less?

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