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Monday, December 27, 2010

Attn: Wendy and Josh Rougeau of Clarkston Michigan!!!!

Couple turns to billboard to help adoption effort

Wendy and Josh Rougeau of Clarkston always wanted to adopt a child, and now they've turned to a billboard to help advertise.

Want a kid? Call Bill Johnson at the Michigan Children's Institute!!! He's got plenty. And maybe, just maybe, as our beloved Unhappy Grammy suggests, he'll get CPS to go and steal you one, but only if you're picky or want something specific like a healthy white newborn.

(517) 241-7052

You could also try: Kate Hanley DHS - Grand Tower (Lansing)

 Infertility does not equal entitlement. 

And hey, I'm only trying to help right?

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