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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Anonymous Submission

My stepson was beaten 4 times by his mom’s boyfriend before anyone did a thing. DCFS of MO never charged him even though the state we live in named the boyfriend as the abuser. This mom even said she did it one time to cover up. We had to go to trial and this child had to suffer so much for years before they would remove him and place him with dad. They later dropped the case and found no evidence of abuse. If the dad has done this, he would have been in jail for sure. This mom was even under supervised visits at one time and they still did nothing. He was finally given to the dad with joint custody and the mother picked him up for visits with the boyfriend who put him in the hospital. It was unreal. I have no respect for them and I really want the laws to change. When you really need them they suck, when its not needed they take your child.


  1. Anonymous7:51 PM

    This post makes no sense. It doesnt follow ANY of the standard legal proceedings in MO at all... making it.. COMPLETE BS!!

    Why do you people make up stories? Bored? Your not helping anyone, so what's the point?


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