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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Submitted by Paula

Traverse City Michigan. A hell hole of government sin. Police that get in drunken brawls, video taped at bars, vehicular accidents without reprimand. While his brethren officers lose their jobs for not giving the breathalyzer test. The family court judge Stowe, embezzling $70,000.00 of parental payments to pay off his mistress's ex husband. Another judge owns the alcohol and drug testing centers while the prosecuting attorney owns the treatment houses. Oh how the towns people are getting officially farmed.

I was assaulted. Lost 1.5 pints of blood at the hospital, most likely near4 pints. 5 days later I returned to the hospital only to have my child stolen, physical demands by the evil cps entourage only made my health worse, they proverbially beat me from healing properly because I believed if I truly did all they required my daughter would be returned, my business failed because of their time requirements, my home foreclosed, now I roam the streets praying that someone will take a Chance in hiring me...oh, bad I watch as the world dies to corporate capitalistic disease and I cry a freedoms' cry of WHORE OF BABYLON USA IsraHelL BURST RELEASE THE PRISONERS WITHIN YOUR GIRTH~SPEW YOUR WEALTH ACROSS THE EARTH HEALING THE DESTRUCTION YOU CAUSED IN THE FIRST

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