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Sunday, December 26, 2010

This was inspired by the first "Merry Christmas" post.

This was inspired by the first "Merry Christmas" post.

This year was the first year I was able to contact my son for Christmas in 7 years.

It was through MSN but the typed words were the sweetest gift I could have ever received. He is 17 now, and was in a place where the people caring for him were "drunk" and "fighting" but in that small time we talked, our Christmas was real and as magical as the ones when he was a small child.

I ache for the little boy that was stolen from me and I wonder if I'll ever see him laugh and play again so I won't just be grateful that I have him now. I love him and I am thankful that my battle to see my child is at an end but the battle to see justice done not just for my family but for the uncountable number of families who are suffering right under tyrannical, global assault on the family unit has just begun.

Fight the Power. Never Give Up. Love WILL conquer in the end!!!!

Love to you all, I know your pain.

Wendy -Mother of a Brave CAS Survivor

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