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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Deleted Article Alert

Here's an article that I would really like to share with all of you, my beloved readers, but I'm sure that CPS probably threatened to take away the kids of the author or something.

It was just published today, but it's gone. Disappeared from the servers. For whatever reason. So I will share with you what I got. And what I got is what you get. It came as an alert. But now it's gone.

Child welfare officials under microscope after death, abuse cases

Child welfare officials came under scrutiny in 2010, after one child died and another suffered years of sexual abuse. New policies were put in place after a ...

Hopefully another news source with a little bit of balls will republish the article. I doubt it though.

It's a secret.


  1. I ran into an article like that several months ago. It was posted, Google or YAHOO listed it, but it was gone.

    I raised a stink about it. About a half day later it showed back up again.

    The best guesses I could make was the author accidentally nuked it and then updated it later on.

    You would think that if a story is actually jerked, that would be CENSORSHIP.

  2. Guys, Settle Down. This story made the top 10 for 2010. Just go to this link and scroll down a bit. Even have a picture-- It is a small newspaper, and as far as I know they probably still just have an Atari 400.

  3. Anonymous1:00 AM

    It's not that small it has a mobile site with search that yields this mobile link

  4. Just my sarcastic humor "Atari 400" indeed. But as the keeper of the web files for , I have many link that are no longer either the article has been removed or the site pages have been rearranged, for that New and Improved link.

    One thing I do, espcially for those article, studies, etc. that one may use at a later date, is to download a copy to my site, with proper recognition of the Author, Original Location, etc.

    Anonymous, do have a great 2011. Seems there are alot of those who have the same name as you?<<Again sarcastic, I am, I am.


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