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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Submitted by Jeff and Kelly

Well it all started with a false positive for meth when my youngest was born. But somehow the false positive part did not matter anymore. CPS worked their way in to our lives and in to our home. Before I knew what was going on they came with the cops and took my two children that were home. They checked my house out and said everything was good. lots of food / the house was clean then came back a few days later with the cops and threatened to arrest me for obstruction if I didn’t give my kids up.

Next they started us on a case plan and we jumped through there hoops and did what they said. It took us over a year to get our kids back home.

Things were going good, we were all together once again we were all happy and the kids were growing like weeds. But then my youngest got sick and I took her to the hospital and after three or four hours in the ER they admit her with double pneumonia, she had a temp of a 104.

Over the next few days she was not herself she was real aggressive toward us and the nurse or anybody that came near her she would claw at herself and bite and scream to the point that we sure did not know what to do. And I don’t think the hospital did either. But this is where they get CPS back in to it.

We still have two kids at home and I have to work and was not able to spend as much time as they thought we should have at the hospital they call CPS. I think she had a reaction to something they had given her. But they come up with something else. She must be having withdraws from meth. The next thing I know they say they did a hair folic test on her and she was positive for meth. This is the hospital saying all this. Then CPS comes by wanting my kids again. I told them to kiss my ass and to get off my land. Well we go and hide out for a while but soon have to return home. I see the cops drive by the house and I knew they were up to something so I told Kelly if I was not backing soon to take the kids out of there. Will I get a few blocks away with the cops on my ass all the way they pull me over and ask where Kelly and the kids are? Well I told them to go to hell and they take me to jail for obstruction. I got out we hide out for the weekend. We talk it over and decide to turn them over to CPS. Wrong thing to do because this is where they lie out there ass. They want more hair test done and we comply with them. They get the tests back and say my two girls were positive. will I know that they are lying. So on one of our visits we cut some of my girl’s hair and have it tested and it was negative so we told them we want to have the girls tested again at a place of our own choosing they agree if we pay for it. Ok so we get it done and it comes back negative once again but by that time I guess it didn’t matter .The court takes away our rights the foster mom gets to adopt our kids and that is that we don’t know where they are at or get to see them. Will yesterday we are taking presents to CPS for our kids who we haven't seen for over a year and Kelly starts saying Jeff look it’s our kids they are here walking right in to the doors where we are at our oldest girl sees us and yells daddy and I get to hug her and try to tell them we love them but foster mom goes into shock and hurries them all back to the van. This is our second Christmas without them and it’s not getting any better. We love our Children and would do anything to have them back in our loving arms where they belong.

Angelina / Justin / Jessica. We love you always and forever. Mom and Dad

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