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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Orange County Child Custody “Charade” Exposed

Orange County Child Custody “Charade” Exposed

Last week, the North Carolina Court of Appeals vacated a child custody order entered by Orange County District Court Judge Joe Buckner, calling the child custody case a “charade.” The case involves a 3-year old boy who was removed from Nevada by Mormons so he could be adopted in North Carolina without his mother’s consent.

The Court of Appeals agreed with the young boy’s mother, Emily M. McManaway, that Judge Buckner’s order must be vacated because he failed to hear any evidence before awarding sole custody of McManaway’s son to her brother and his wife when they had already given the young boy away to a Surry County couple they had met online.

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  1. Deborah12:23 PM

    Because of the way family court is set up, and because CPS is nothing but an independent (and tyrannical) law enforcement agency, all judgments in family court are completely arbitrary. They have an identical pattern (program) that they follow for removal of a child, but they do not follow the pattern of the Constitution. Therefore one judge will make a judgment in one case, but in another case of identical circumstances, a different judge will make a different judgment.

    There is nothing consistent about it because it is completely unconstitutional. I just lost an appeal where I should have been granted the same judgment as stated in the above case for the same reasons (no evidence), but it was a different judge in a different state. It's completely arbitrary, which is just another word for the judgment of tyrants.


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