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Saturday, December 25, 2010

"Merry Christmas"

You cannot listen to the radio, you cannot watch TV, you cannot go out to the store, and you cannot read the papers.

A song can cut through you like a knife. Watching and hearing children laugh and play is cruel. "Merry Christmas", "Joy to the world" and "Peace on Earth" is an insult.

That's the reality for a parent or relative left with nothing but an empty bed, un played with toys and maybe a picture that cannot hold onto or talk to you.

While the world around you rejoices, you are falling into a deep, dark pit that cannot be climbed out of.

Nobody listens to you, or even bothers to understand what you are going through and what your fears are for your children. It seems like they think you just lost your wallet or the hamster died.

Somebody's taking "Care" of your child, and Fuck You!

That was my Christmas 30 years ago. One does NOT forgive nor forget!

Bill Medvecky


  1. Anonymous1:57 PM

    yeah...pretty much sucks...I dont know where my daughter is, my ex absconded with her 4 months ago and the only person to see them since was a process server that found her briefly and tried to serve her but she fled. The courts dont take this seriously enough. It should be criminal...

  2. We didn't celebrate Christmas for five year's after our grandchildren were stolen. We put up the Christmas tree in 2008, when the monster's told us we were getting Austin back. That's as far as it went. No grandchildren, no Christmas. My husband hasn't worked since Austin was taken. He was his little buddy. His shadow. I couldn't handle my job any more driving the school bus. Every day, every minute I was reminded of my stolen grandchildren. I couldn't hold new babies, I couldn't look at new babies without crying. The fight for my grandchildren's return has made me stronger. It has turned me into a fighter and has given me a mission in life. To bring down the high and mighty DCYF/CPS. And NO, I will never forgive or forget what they have put my grandchildren and my family through. I will NEVER give up. They will fall before I do. That's a promise I intend to keep. They started this fight and I won't stop until I finish it!


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