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Friday, December 24, 2010

The Great Holiday Visit Debate

This is a blog post from a social worker whose blog I have been following for a while. And giving credit where credit is due, I think that this particular post provides some real insight into the way these people think.

The Great Holiday Visit Debate

I had to comment. Sometimes she posts my comments, sometimes she doesn't. I don't loose sleep over it either way. I'll just post it here so that nobody misses it.

The State of Florida is making efforts to send kids home for Christmas.

Perhaps you could start looking into programs like this.

Re >> Most kids won't grow up knowing that information

Yeah, God forbid you tell them the truth about their lives, for example that all of you wonderful social workers and foster parents who care so much had better things to do than to let them spend a little time with their families on Christmas. It's better for you, I suppose, if they don't know that their parents made efforts to make it happen. I know if I was a kid in this system right now, knowing the truth would make me hate you that much more. Helps the alienation process along.

The real parents should have the right to see their kids on Christmas. Just because it's inconvenient for some foster parent doesn't make that an unreasonable request.

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