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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Witness invokes Fifth Amendment at Alamo trial

Witness invokes Fifth Amendment at Alamo trial

Under questioning Tuesday at evangelist Tony Alamo's trial, the wife of a fugitive described by authorities as Alamo's "enforcer" invoked her right not to incriminate herself. As she left the courtroom, she was served with documents from child welfare authorities seeking protective custody of her four children.


  1. Anonymous9:54 AM

    True they did invoke the 5th when asked where they had been hiding to protect their children from being seized by the gastapo CPS!!! The only thing heard on the media is the lying persecution of the prosecution. The media has done an excellent job as always to twist, misquote, out and out right LIE and never produce to the public the defense. Like the fact that the 8 year old was a known trouble maker and a patholigical liar. Just a few among MANY that the media refuses to tell you so that the public will HATE Pastor Alamo. These witnesses all went to Wellsprings a covert anti religious government cult that uses many techinques like mind control in order to prepare govt. witnesses to lie, Google it and find out! Govt Feds also paid witnesses to attend. They were bought flowers, balloons, Walmat gift cards, Birthday, Valentines day presents, bought and paid cell phone bills and taken out to dinner by the govt. What else did they pay these women? This is the same govt. who burned men, women and children in Waco under the pretenses of child abuse. Blew up the towers in 9-11 and many other atrocities we are seeing today.
    Pastor Alamo is innocent of the charges he is accused of. Too bad the media are such LIARS and SLANDERERS and people believe them..They are the mouth of the beast government speaking great lies and blasphemies!

  2. Anonymous9:03 PM

    This matter is more than CPS being bullies to this congregation, I have been bullied by CPS before and they can be manipulative to an extent, however they have legitimate concern regarding these children. Tony Alamo is a sociopath and dangerous, I have crossed paths with someone JUST like him. He too 'heard' from God and was extremely sharp when it came to the bible and could manipulate it to mean whatever he construed in his perverse mind just like mr Tony, so it was difficult for us to come to know who he really was, until his prophecies and directions became violent and we noted that they were exteremely self serving, and when he was criminaly implicated he began outright lying, to avoid the penalty of his abuses. He too was manipulative like Satan himself and that is who these poor folks are being influenced by. When dealing with a cult of this magnitude it is neccesary to go to this extreme. Mainly because there one never knows what else will be required of this congregation. Unfortunately many of these kids if they were abused may not admit it, because they probably have been trained to believe that the treatment they have received was not abuse or that they would be 'covered' in this instance if they lied. I do believe that there may be many who may not have been abused. Yet the conditions they are being raised under is certainly abuse. These members are not bad people because I have been there and I can say that at the time I believed I was doing God's will, and when the trial started for this particular individual's wrong doings he too told us that it was just the devil trying to attack him, and came up with supporting facts from his grandoise ideas to distract people from the real issues. These people are temporarily insane just as i used to be and just as those folks who were part of the congregation of Jim Jones. How does a man get so many to do something so horrible, when they know God is love and does not require such things? The answer to that question is what will get people to better understand why it is best for these kids to have no association with Tony Alamo's ministry. There is no limit to the horrors that can insue when a man such as this gains loyalty. I hope these kids find a safe home whether it be with their parents or others and I pray that all spiritual ties to this ministry will be broken so they can get to know God for themselves.


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