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Sunday, July 26, 2009

We,the people

"We,the people, call for a NEW era in "child protective services"--an era that does not vilify parents. Rather, an era of "Compassionate Preventative Services" and of FAMILY-oriented services. Where removal of a child from their family home is truly a last resort or for a truly life-saving one--NOT the answer to ALL "concerns" as it has been misused for.

Further, we, the people, the parents, and future parents, call for better, broader funding that ASSISTS FAMILIES to stay together and to maintain a decent home. This can include, but not limited to, a wide range of services: from drug/alcohol prevention and treatment, to providing child care centers and better funding, to a better food pantry system, to possibly attaching aid programs to social security numbers, in order to verify need, housing, employment, etc. with one piece of information required instead of several as it is now. (this would also reduce the need for paper as well, being "green")..,,,,We want the actual help we made need instead of family destruction......"

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