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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Children's Services slammed

Children's Services slammed

A senior Alberta judge has called on the attorney general to investigate the "disturbing" conduct of Children's Services staff in a case that raises troubling questions about how the department operates and who is ultimately responsible for children in care.

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  1. I found this article provocative and to the point. He (or she) nailed CPS's sorry ass for doing what they do. However there is one thing depressing about it and that's the comments. Oh, they all agreed with the author, that's not the problem. There's too few on there that bothers me. Turn it around and say they were knocking down the bios, there would be hundreds of comments about how badly we abuse our children and how we deserved to lose them. I hope everyone on your group, my group (I'm stealing the story) and anyone else reading this will give their comments on just how bad CPS really is. Finally someone takes notice and we must let our feelings be known!!!


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