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Wednesday, July 29, 2009



Use this form letter to file a complaint with the correct authority when you believe an evaluator other mental health professional has violated his or her ethical guidelines, or behaved improperly or negligently. This could include such acts as improperly releasing (or refusing to release) treatment records, becoming improperly involved with a patient or client, performing an incomplete or biased custody evaluation, or other behavior(s) which are illegal, inappropriate, or contrary to ethical standards. Make sure you have solid, documented evidence of the behavior or actions you detail in your complaint.

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  1. Missing Motherhood2:18 AM

    During the trial to terminate guardianship of my two children from my in laws, the GAL admitted on the stand she had no idea the kids had ben living with me, had never done a home visit, never interviewed any family, friends, neighbors - anyone who could testify the children were thriving at home with me. She was unaware that my in laws had the children on adhd medication, though they do not have adhd. She didn't seem concerned with the fact that my in laws hit my children, locked them in their room, spend virtually no time with them and that at my home they didn't throw fits or act out of control. I never hit them, locked them in another room, refused them food. We read books and had activity time, worked on lessons..yet the GAL told the judge that though she hadn't observed the kids at my home, she thought they wouldn't get the structure they needed with their discipline problems. My issue is, why would the judge rule that I was fit, willing, and able to care for the children and even state that he felt that I was a dedicated and loving parent, yet rule it was in their best interest to remain with my in laws where they had such severe discipline problems? And al this after the GAL committed perjury by filing a motion in which she asked for more time, the reason given was a complete lie and she admitted as much to the court. When I found out that it is the courts job to ensure the GAL does her job and if she is incompetent or negligent, they must terminate her and replace her, I called my free legal aid attorney and was told that yes she could have filed for a mistrial but it had been over 30 das so it was too late.
    If I had had my children taken away because I was abusive or they were neglected, I would be more understanding. But that was not the case. My spouse had lost our home, I was suffering from post partum depression and was too ill to even know what to do. I dint want the children to go to a shelter so I asked my in laws if they could care for them for a short time. They said they would be temporary guardians and s soon as everything was stable the kids could come home. I was told either I signed the papers or they would call child protective services and have them taken away. I didn't know what else to do so I signed. And then it was a custody battle in the courts. Their son, my soon to be ex husband, has been in prison almost the entire time. I moved into a beautiful 5 bedroom home with a fenced yard and swingset. I purchased a car, paid child support, saw the kids any time I have been allowed. Now I am back in school to get my degree in social work and non profit business administration so I can make sure this doesn't happen to any other families. I want my babies back and I will fight until I find a way. In this state the guardians have control over visitation and what school/medical records I can even see. They think I called CPS about the kids but I honestly didn't, an since then they have only let me see the kids about 24 hours every 2 to 4 weeks. Where is the justice for my children? They want to know why they have to stay there and can't live with their mom where they belong (my daughter's words, not mine) Had the GAL done her job, as well as the court by insisting the kids see a counselor they would not be suffering like this. the child welfare system is an abomination and these GALs and judges that care more about lining their pockets than the long term psychological damage they are causing our children will eventually be dealt with by karma. Because what you put out in the world always comes back around. Sincerely, Missing Motherhood


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