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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Jurors find woman not guilty in child abuse case

Jurors find woman not guilty in child abuse case

The state said Jimmatta Vinson was a frustrated young mom who intentionally snapped her 4-month-old daughter Omyashy's arm.

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  1. Please read, The Sunday Telegraph 26th July 2009.
    I was elated last night, when on the way home from work, i was telephoned by a PAIN client.
    A Public Law Case, we have been dealing with for two years, has ended , resulting in a Judgment pertaining to the Parents.
    At a finding of Fact Hearing yesterday, the Judge stated, that there was no evidence, to support Social Services wishes.
    The father had been acquitted by the Crown Court, but as usual the Local Authority, instigated Proceedings, through the Family Court.
    Father was made to leave the matrimonial Home, while the Mother had full Residence order of the Children.
    The Family will now have no future involvement with Social Services,and Dad, can now move back to the Family home.
    I have attended Court in this case,and cried along, with the Parents.
    Many thanks, to wonderful Children's Panel Solicitors Hailey Gow,and Brendan Fleming.
    Alison Stevens Parents Against Injustice.


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