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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Human services: "Governor sliced heart of child protection"

Human services: "Governor sliced heart of child protection"

Kern County human and social service agencies are in shock and angered by the governor's last minute budget cuts.

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  1. Anonymous12:27 AM

    Poor director, doesn't she know she has way too many workers that refuse to take tough cases and want to work the soft cases: like taking two B-patch officers to Good Sam SW, throwing the child's mom out during the short visiting hours, to investigate a in-school case that the R/C police already investigated, a year prior, with a hallucinating child couldn't even be trusted to testify. That is a federal offense. Look at the Dept's records, fail to weed out calls at the typical 66% rate elsewhere (only weed out 25%). They investigate way too many general neglect and emotional abuse cases versus serious neglect, physical abuse and sexual combined (investgate more than 3 times as many general/emotional than serious cases). KERN CPS is in dire need of investigative staff cutting, so that it focuses on the serious cases. They have 7 kids for every licensed foster care household. That's too many. Cut them back! Cut! Cut! Thanks Governator! At least some of the your cuts will actually help kids.


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