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Sunday, July 26, 2009

More sugar coated bullshit from David Isley of the Examiner

Social Workers should remain a constant voice for foster children

When a child has been in foster care for any length of time, each move is more important than the next. During their transition, foster children will often feel a sense of fear and uncertainty. The responsibility of the social worker is to communicate with that foster child about whatever feelings that child is having and to slowly make necessary changes to help that foster child along their journey.

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  1. Once again, there are severe deficiencies in this line of logic as the key variables have been excluded from this equation. I speak of the original guardians/custodians and the extension of consanguininity.

    Simple put, you have failed to include the families. This is why the system is in complete disarray. This is why not one single state has made the annual benchmarks. This is why billions of dollars are used to cover over the systemic errors of child welfare.

    For more information go to the U.S. DHHS Office of Inspector General and look at the audit reports of the Centers for Medicaid and Medicare, and Administration for Children and Families. Once you educate yourself on the areas of concern in child welfare, venture over to the U.S. DOJ Attorney General to find out about the investigative task force.

    There must be continuous dialogue with the families to prevent removals.


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