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Monday, July 27, 2009

Cops & Child Protective Services abuse children when they take them from innocent parents

Cops & Child Protective Services abuse children when they take them from innocent parents

I have often argued that Child Protective Services and the police are guilty of abusing children. I don't mean they are guilty of abuse went they take children from homes where the parents have sexually and physically abused them, or where children have been neglected through starvation and the like. What I mean is that when children are taken from innocent parents, which happens a lot more than the public realizes, they are often abused.


  1. Unfortunately, every word you wrote is true.

    (True and ongoing Example)
    One sibling accuses another sibling of behaving sexually inappropriate. The parent's response
    (after all the how could I not know, how could this happen without my knowledge, how could I be so stupid)
    is to get a therapist in the home to help the single parent, who was an only child. She let all her children know this behavior would not be tolerated. She installed hidden baby monitors, and her bedroom was intentionally situated so that she would know if anyone was out of bed.

    CPS response:
    Remove all six children, keep them separated for the following four years. Teens who were a little mouthy, are now enraged after being placed in foster care where two of them were savagely raped!

    The RTC's response:
    "It (rape) was consensual."
    Residential Child Care Licensing seem to like that "story" and are sticking to it.

    If two children have consensual sex, why did one end up with a black eye? Consensual would lead a reasonable person to believe a fist fight was not a part of this so-called "consensual" RAPE!

    Sexually acting out once, and having to attend therapy for Convicted sex offenders, and a therapist in the home to help identify any issues mom may have missed, should not have gone any further.

    Sexually acting out at home, without violence, is a crime but raping another child who is much smaller and a perfect target for sexual abuse is said to be "consensual" sex (ignoring the bruises of the fist fight)


    Bcause they were in foster care when RAPED, the state settles by saying consensual, but let it happen at home, and a crime has been committed.

    This is Insanity At Its Best!~

  2. System Abuse,and it is happening every day of the week, within the UK.
    Cafcass revealed Yesterday, that June, was the highest month ever, with reference to the instigation of Local Authority Care Proceedings.
    There was well over 700 cases, relating to June, the statistics have more than doubled, since last year, when there was just over 350 Proceedings instigated, for June 2008.
    Some of these Cases,could be put down to presumed abuse,and the scenario, of innocent Parents.
    Alison Stevens Parents Against Injustice.


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