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Monday, December 27, 2010

SS Child Kidnapping In Progress..

Yes Folks! See The British Babystealers In Action. The sound quality sucks though.


  1. Deborah Khora1:33 PM

    Well, the cop admits if the parents don't consent they can take the child "by force"...and, one can imagine, deadly force. This is what makes them despicable most of all. They don't actually have any "authority", only force.

  2. Anonymous2:08 PM

    what was the reason they took the child? They never said the reason they were taking the child. Although the sound is not very good.

  3. Deborah Khora9:10 PM

    People, and parents, take my advice. When it comes to CPS, don't die annonymously. Start posting your names! Will your gravestone read, "I, Annonymous, gave birth to four children, Erica, Nicole, Bernadette,and Justin," etc? Of course not.

    Only "the program", Alcoholics Annonymous and Narcotics Annonymous, etc., and the false drug on war (replaced by the big pharmaceutical industry) wants you to be "annonymous".

    You do not have to be afraid of CPS. OF COURSE you are not scientifically perfect. That doesn't mean you need to die in shame and annonymity. It does not mean that you come from a bad gene pool and must be exterminated by Nazis in search of a perfect society.

    Understand, none of us is perfect...that's how they get you. It doesn't matter HOW good or bad, perfect or imperfect you are or have been: CPS has an agenda to take the kids and sell them.

    No matter how perfect or imperfect you are, come out of the closet. We are not as guilty as those who sell children into slavery.

    I'm not advocating a particular religion here, but we are fogiven for our imperfections, arent' we?

    See this video, it's kind of funny. Disclaimer: This video has one bad word in it. Do not open this video if you find bad words offensive

  4. deborah khora11:18 PM

    p.s. You have to copy and paste the above link, and paste it into your (http:)address browser. I'm not very good at creating links.

    This link above is from Mothers for Justice, from the U.K., and it is hilarious. It is a must see (unless you object to one little dirty word in the video/musical).

    Disclaimer: If you are sensitive to one itsy bitsy dirty word, do not go to the above link.


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