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Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Free the FLDS Children - AKA The Freedom Liberty Defenders Society Shut Down by NH DCYF

Free the FLDS Children - AKA The Freedom Liberty Defenders Society Shut Down by NH DCYF

Supposedly, they shut Bill down becasue he posted a picture of a stolen and drugged up child by the name of Austin Knightly. Austin's Grandmother just happens to be our very own beloved Unhappy Grammy.

Here's what UnhappyGrammy had to say about this...
Free the FLDS Children - AKA The Freedom Liberty Defenders Society web-site has been
shut down by NH DCYF due to my grandson Austin Knightly's doped up picture, so we've been told.

Bill Medvecky has been an adamant fighter for children and their families, abused by DCYF/CPS and the court's for quite some time. He refuses to cave in to the whim's of this rogue government agency and refused to take Austin's picture down.

Austin was removed from his mother's care on January 21st, 2006 after she was accused by Nashua, NH DCYF of being intoxicated at Nashua DCYF's cohort hospital in Nashua. Missing lab report's for that night surfaced six month's after Austin was taken. Criminal charges of child endangerment were dropped, but her son was never returned because the Judge denied her the right to present her new evidence proving innocence. DCYF vowed to do whatever they could to keep Austin from his mother permanently.

After Austin was placed in foster care, he tried to hang himself. He became extremely violent. He threw a TV at the stranger's and went after household member's with a baseball bat. He kicked and punched the stranger's and had temper tantrum's. He was six at the time. He begged and pleaded to all parties that all he wanted was his grandfather.

Instead of putting Austin's best interest's before anything else, Austin was admitted to a NH psychiatric hospital, where the Doctor told us the only thing wrong with Austin is that he wanted his family. We spoke to Austin once, which changed his whole demeanor. He was no longer the violent little boy that was admitted to the hospital that late September evening. After the Nashua DCYF Supervisor heard that we spoke to Austin, we weren't allowed phone call's or visit's. Only the stranger's were allowed call's and visit's.

Austin was then fed psycho-tropic drug's for his new-found violent behavior. He was later put on Adderral without his mother's permission. God only know's what their drugging him with now.

The picture above of Austin was taken at the children's home where he was placed after the stranger's home. This is a picture he chose to send us. Do you think he is trying to tell us something? I believe he is. I also believe he know's we are still fighting for him and will never give up. I believe he also know's WHO the enemy is and it sure as hell isn't his REAL family. All the drug's in the world won't make him forget the Hell Nashua DCYF and the court's have put him through.

Free the FLD's WILL be back up and running. Bill won't give up on Austin any more than we will! Thank you Bill for all your help. Austin and Isabella both will know who tried to help them and who held them hostage!
A Google Search reveals lots of photos and stories about Austin Knightly. (oops that's the one of him all doped up.)

Along with 257,000 other results.  Good luck in shutting them all down. 

You see, while preforming their day to day activities, they tend to piss people off. Shutting down Bill's site is going to piss people off.   They could easily do the right thing.  They just refuse.  And now they're going to get hit with even more posts regarding this crime against these poor children.

Give the kids back NH DCYF!  Before we start posting pictures of you.

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