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Monday, December 27, 2010

CPS took my baby girl last night...I'm a total wreck!!

CPS took my baby girl last night...I'm a total wreck!!

If you are here to read and bash, please just stop reading here. I don't need anymore stress on my plate right now. I've got enough going on!

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  1. Deborah Khora1:26 PM

    Since no one has commented I decided that I must. There is probably no comfort any of us in this movement can really offer except to let you know there are many of us fighting these people. It all happens in annonymous tip, (6th amendment violation of right to confront accuser), unlawful search and seizure (4th amendment violation), no fair "trial", no right to a full and fair hearing where you can present evidence or cross examine your accuser. They will falsify records, send you through a loop of "services" including psychiatric testing where you will inevitably be determined to be mentally ill and/or a drug addict or alcoholic. Gradually they will diminish your supervised visitation until they claim the parental bond has been severed. Then they place the kid in foster care, get $4,000 dollars added on their books, place the kid on psychotropic drugs. Maybe they'll adopt the kid out, change the social security number and name and get another $4,000. It is an IDENTICAL scenario happening all over the country.

    When you are standing in front of the judge, it may be helpful to know that he may not be just a judge, but a business man/woman with a secondary office...perhaps he sits on an adoption board, or he may actually own the drug testing facility that all the parents are being channeled through. You MIGHT start there, rather than wait to find out this fact at the end. Check out the judge's business interests and try to get him removed from the bench and replaced by an independent judge without a financial interest at stake. That's where I'm at...just beginning to do the research on that.

    Many attorneys have been disbarred for attempting to defend the parents. I think the local state American Civil Liberties Union is best equipped to deal with the courts.

    I'm sorry this is happening. I know how bad it hurts. I hope it helps to know how many there are behind you. e-mail if you need a friend.


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