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Monday, July 20, 2009

Ohio Law Would Give Men Final Decision In Abortion

Ohio Law Would Give Men Final Decision In Abortion

A Republican lawmaker in Ohio has re-introduced a bill that would give a man the final choice on whether the woman he got pregnant could have an abortion.


  1. For Gods sake it is the Womens Body, she has to carry the Child,and what will happen to Rape victims?
    Will the Women have to carry the evil perpetrators Child?
    Back street abortions,another blast from the past.
    We are going back to the dark ages.
    Alison Stevens Parents Against Injustice.

  2. Although i think it is fair, from a strictly legal precedent standpoint, to consider that the fetus is the property of both the man and woman involved in its conception. For instance consider cases involving frozen embryos, surrogate pregnancy and embryo adoption there is always clear cut understanding the the embryo (or fetus) in question is the property of the individuals who provided genetic material until legally relinquished. In the case of legally presided surrogacy there is always an element of this understanding in the contract with the surrogate, clearly outlining that if she were to seek an abortion the genetic parents can seek damages if not prevent abortion entirely. And certainly in cases involving frozen embryos and embryo adoption there is clear cut regulations as to who is permitted to destroy, implant or otherwise determine the fate of the embryo. In light of this there is certainly precedent to determine a father's rights to his genetic material, if not as a living being certainly as his property, and I hope that future years will bring a well reasoned discussion of the legality of a father's determination over the use or alteration (termination) of his genetic property.

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  4. Also, notification of the biological Father should at least be mandated as every individual has the right to a complete medical knowledge of themselves and their capability to procreate. This part of the issue is at least straightforward. A man should be aware of a successful conception for medical reasons, and to have an accurate medical history. I would even go so far as to say that the doctor preforming the abortion should offer both parents the opportunity for genetic testing of the embryo directly previous to the procedure or of the amniotic fluid when most feasible in order to further inform the parents of possible genetic abnormalities that might possibly effect future children.


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