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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Grace is begging for money!

Them cheap bastards!

Grace the Foster Mommy is begging for money because the public school system isn't good enough for her beloved foster kid. I do, however, think that she is probably exaggerating the situation. I highly doubt that the teachers are swearing at the kids. Wouldn't that get them fired? Or did I just grow up in a more positive environment?

I guess the state isn't paying enough.

That gives me an idea though. If it's ok for Grace the foster contractor to beg for money, perhaps I can make a deal with you all.

Here goes...

If one of you wonderful people will drop $1 Million dollars into my PayPal account with no strings attatched,

Not only will I pay for that kid to go to a good school, but I'll quit my job and do nothing but sit on my ass in front of my computer working on Legally Kidnapped from here on out. Amongst other things of course.

What a deal!

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  1. Here here,thousands of pounds are paid out to Foster Carers, when the kin care clause, should be used.
    I wish i could pack my job in as a nurse,and sit at home taking calls from distressed Parents, that have had their Children wrongly taken into care.
    Funding from the Department of Health, would allow me to attend Court,and Case Conferences, with these distraught individuals.
    Instead i suffer burnout, after coming home after 12 hour shifts,and deal with 25 new cases a day,and hundreds of e mails.
    Why don't i use the get out clause?
    No i won two cases in the past 3 weeks.


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