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Monday, July 20, 2009

CG The Lesbian Feminazi Blogger is Full Of Shit!!!

Louise Uccio and LK (Legally Kidnapped) condone violence?

Yep you read that right. Like many other "shared aprenting advoctaes" these two (one?) have condoned violence:

Note: First of all, I am not Louise Uccio, although it is an honor to be mistaken with such a wonderful blogger. Louise runs one of my personal favorite blogs which is called Disgusted With The System.

Second of all, I don't condone violence. I work to expose the lie the Child Protective Industry wants you to believe, which is that they are the answer to the problem of Child Abuse and Neglect, and that the foster care system causes more harm than good. I speak, rather loudly, for the victims of CPS.

Third of all, CG over at Glens Cult obviously is a man-hating lesbian who loves making false accusations and can't stand the thought that fathers are parents too or that she actually needs a man to make a child.

And finally, there is no such thing as bad publicity. So if anybody want's to bash me on their blogs, that's fine, just get the link right. That's


  1. Anonymous1:41 PM

    Typical lowlife feminist piece of`re right LK, CG is full of shit and she stinks shit too..she must be a social worker or some other scum like that.

  2. LK, you know I have my own serious issues with the system, but it really is about the laws. We need to come together to change the laws first, then the system. Teach people at young ages how to make choices so that they can be better parents. Perhaps, high school health should be changed to parenting classes? At least the CPS system is doing something to intervene for the sake of abused/neglected children. You seem to think that the CPS system portrays itself to the solution to abuse. The only solution to abuse and neglect is for parents to stop abusing and neglecting their children. For parents to admit that they are ill-equipped to adequately care for their children, and get the help they need. For parents to put their children's needs above their own. Period.


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