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Thursday, July 02, 2009

Austin Knightly

Austin Knightly was stolen by NH DCYF and is now up for sale.

This is a picture of our grandson Austin, which DCYF had taken to look for adoptive parents, even though we were told not to worry about a thing. That the worker was advocating for Austin to be placed in our home, where we would have custody of him before adopting him. Just another lie by the almighty DCYF. After many made up excuses, we were denied placement, even though Austin spent the first three years of his life with us and the next three years visiting us every day, where he also staid weekends. Austin is now considered "Special Needs", since being taken from his mother by DCYF and is on psychiatric medication. He has suffered dearly and tried to hang himself when first placed in foster care. All he wants is his grandfather, but all DCYF wants is money. Being special needs and on psychiatric medication, makes Austin worth more to DCYF. If he is not returned, I fear the next time he try's to commit suicide, he will succeed. We will never give up on our grandson, illegally taken by DCYF and kept from us through illegal practices. Austin we love you.


  1. Anonymous10:20 AM

    The time has come to put to rest these archaic concepts that our children can be taken forever. The internet is changing our lives and should change our thoughts.

    This is an example of how the state can no longer keep us silent and deny us contact.

    Teach your children their legacy so they can find us through the internet.

    To the grandparents who posted this, I stand up and applaud. Brilliant.

  2. Anonymous1:24 PM

    Any parent who does not teach their child to Google their name and find their family is putting them in harms way.

    CPS routinely tells foster children that their parents no longer want or love them, it's part of their manual.

    To these grandparents, contact and we'll find a solution for your problem.

    Bill Medvecky

  3. Anonymous9:20 PM

    i want to say, my heart gose out to this family! sometimes dcyf says there looking out for the kid ,but come on, they make mistakes too! I want to see the right thing get done. For once bring this to an end, help the children, DCYF!!!............theres no place like home!

  4. Anonymous1:34 PM


    Have you contacted attorney Paula Werme in Boscawen, NH?

    She has battled DCYF for years and possibly could advise you.

    She has also been unfairly targeted by DCYF in NH. I am certain, though, that she will endeavor to give you the most current, and practical advice she can.

    Also, perhaps it is possible that she would consider a lawsuit v DCYF for their utter disregard as to family placement.

    Google Werme and DCYF to get to her site. There is a lot of useful information which should help you in your battle there, too.

    Best. F.


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