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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Desperate Infertile's

One of the things I try to do, here on Legally Kidnapped, is try to show you all the kind of people who the Child Protective Industry will sell your kids to.

If you would remember, a while back I wrote the following post identifying one particular personality type of foster/adoptive parent which I labeled the Looney Tune.

Well today, I'm going to identify type 2, which I have labeled the Desperate Infertile.

The Desperate Infertile adoptive/foster parent is typically a woman who either...
  1. Has feminine related health issues preventing her from conceiving or giving birth
  2. or has a husband who shoots blanks and can't find the guts to get a sperm count because it would make him feel like less of a man or something.

As an example I offer you this.

Notice a friend, fellow family rights advocate and fellow blogger from over at CPS - A System Out of Control left a comment.

Now look at this persons response.

When you can't conceive you will believe.


  1. Anonymous5:47 PM

    I left some worthy advice on this foster mothers blog, and as per usual with these peoples delusional and selfish perspectives, she deleted the very sincere advice in order to shed herself in a favorable light and to prevent anyone from actually seeing how dangerous this foster mother may be if more foster children are placed with her.

    Very disturbing blog and the deletion of the posts says it all.

  2. Anonymous6:19 PM

    We took the liberty of also screen shoting the entire site and sent our concerns to officials in the Overland Park, Kansas area.

  3. Thank you, L.K. She and her other foster wreckers left a couple of nasty posts but I just deleted them. I love this! You hit the nail on the head here. That blog is so disturbing and self-serving. It's not about what she can do for a child, it's what the child will do for her. Maybe God in His infinite wisdom is telling her she doesn't have what it takes to be a good mom. I also have a real problem with women who name their blogs or emails with their husbands name, it's like they don't have an identity outside of her husband. How can we possibly respect someone who thinks she's a nobody without a man's name? She's a co-dependent narcist who thinks she's entitled.


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