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Friday, May 29, 2009

Bail is reduced for foster mother

Bail is reduced for foster mother

A Richland County judge on Thursday reduced bail for a pediatric nurse and foster mother charged with killing a 9-month-old boy in February.

Note: Letting her off a bit too easily, don't you think? I got a better idea for what to do with this bitch.

Taker her out people!!!

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  1. All I know is that if this woman was the child's biological mother, bail would never have been reduced, no visits would ever be allowed with any child, regardless of the age, and should they be able to make bail, she'd be under house arrest 24/7. Why is that by virtue of being a "foster" parent that the rules don't apply to you? If they do, the punishment for breaking said rule is much less harsh than for the natural parent. Come on, who in their right mind would use tape to hold a pacifier in a child's mouth? And this "foster mom" is a nurse? Get real. Why was she even approved to care for our children to begin with? She's obviously mentally ill. I know how nerve racking it can be to hear a baby cry but there's things you simply cannot do. I bet if the bio mom still had this child, he'd still be alive today. Personally, I think foster parents should be held to a much higher standard because they're entrusted with our children's care without a natural bond so they are far more likely to physically or sexually abuse a child than their real parents. Laws need to be changed and if a child dies at the hands of a foster parent, then the punishment should be much more strict.


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