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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Submitted by Jeannette

Go to I have just posted a petition titled C.P.S. wronfully took my children. My sons X made false statements and they came and took my grandchildren from my son. Later, my son was cleared of all allegations. We still haven't got the kids back yet. They never investigated my son. They just showed up and took the kids. They wouldn't let me get the children because I have a old past recored. But yet they are still sitting in foster with 5 other kids.My son seen them yesterday and my grandaughter is sick and never was took to the doctors. They put the kids in time out but they have to have thier hands against the wall as in being arrested. They haven't brushed thier teeth or cut thier nails.I need help finding a attorney to file suit against C.P.S. and bring our children home where there are loved and belong!

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