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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Missouri Passes "Daddy Law"

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  1. Anonymous9:23 AM

    Kudos to MO for the "daddy
    law". Daggars to KS and every state that doen't impose this law or have laws on the books to prevent this horrible injustice.

    Why would Legislators NOT want to implement this law?

    It has to do with MONEY. Hooking men, even if they are NOT the biological fathers affords the State to attach their wages. The woman may not know who the father is: one night stands
    without benefit of more than a first name, prevents the woman from providing enough information about the man/men for the State to track down.

    This is ANOTHER example of Legislators NOT working for
    American Families and working for Gov't interests.

    Time for change. Vote these 'career politicians' out of Office. The two parties Repubs and Dems are not interested in 'mainstream' American citizens and Families. Look into the NEW Party: The Libertarian Party the ONLY party that speaks for 'the working man/woman/family. Smaller Gov't and most importantly:
    Constitutional Righs restored.


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