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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Submitted by AF

I am a proud father of two, however my first child was taken by the CPS.

Please pardon any spelling errors etc. this message still hurts 7 years later and it makes detail difficult.

I would like to start by informing the public that when you have a child born at any hospital. Be very careful what you agree too. I had a man in a leather coat introduce himself as a county worker AT THE HOSPITAL! He asked me if I would like aid in my son's care. I thought it would be a good idea (stupid, stupid, STUPID!) and after reading, signed. He left the hospital and was not seen again. Three months later a CPS worker showed up with an officer and at GUNPOINT forced their way in and took the baby. claiming a worker from a previous visit saw a plastic bag in the crib. The bag in question was my mother-in-law's and was not even in the house (she keeps it in her car, it's for her laundry which is kept in her car to keep it separate from ours). When my M.I.L. tried to say this in court SHE WAS NOT ALLOWED TO TESTIFY! Every time she showed up they immediately postponed the hearing.
We went through every class they wanted and it still was not enough, they even falsified "evidence" at each hearing. Evey time my son was at a visit he was bruised and cranky. When we made note of this we were told to shut up(exact words). We managed to get him adopted by a friend but that is not good enough!


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