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Sunday, July 30, 2017

LK Daily Report for 7/30/17 - Falsifying Records Edition...

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In a child custody case that made national headlines after a suburban Detroit judge jailed three children for refusing to socialize with their father, the Michigan Supreme Court has rejected a harsher punishment recommended last year — ruling that Oakland County Judge Lisa Gorcyca should be publicly censured but not suspended for her courtroom behavior.

More >> Michigan high court rejects suspension on judge who jailed kids in custody fight

A Contact 5/Palm Beach Post investigation uncovers what many investigators are calling "a crisis" inside the Department of Children and Families.

More >> Falsifying DCF records: Investigator tells all

Detroit — Michigan’s child-welfare system remains under court oversight, 11 years and millions of dollars after a sweeping lawsuit challenged the way the state cares for vulnerable kids who are removed from their homes because of abuse or neglect.

More >> Mich. child welfare still under judge’s eye

Family Law Attorney Allison C. Williams, from Short Hills, NJ shares legal advice on PIX11 show "Protecting Your Family" on the question:

My child protective services caseworker lied under oath in the court hearing. What can be done about this?

More >> What to Do if Child Protective Services Worker Lies Under Oath NJ CPS

The abuse and traumatization of children strikes a chord in our society, resonating with our innate parental sensibilities and perpetuating a vicious cycle that results in poor outcomes in adolescence, adulthood and beyond. Victims often end up in abusive situations again as adults and are more prone to substance abuse, incarceration and mental illness.

More >> The vicious cycle of CPS intervention

A Hawaii island family is mourning the death of a 3-year-old boy.

The Hawaii Police Department say the child was in foster care when he died, and the case is now under investigation.

More >> Parents demand answers after 3-year-old boy dies while in foster care

“Kawliga Potts’ death was a direct result of the fundamental failure of everyone connected with this child to do their jobs. No one followed the rules and procedures that were in place.”

More >> Paula Simons: Fatality inquiry finds 'fundamental failure' by care workers caused death of Kawliga Potts


A question from Quora...

More >> Does Dr. Phil expose CPS?

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