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Monday, July 17, 2017

LK Daily Report for 7/17/17 - Fighting the Criminalization of Spanking and More...

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BOSTON (AP) — A New York man is suing the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Boston for sexual abuse he says he suffered decades ago at a church-affiliated home for orphaned and foster children.

More >> Man sues Boston archdiocese citing sex abuse at orphanage

In Texas, the foster care system is failing the vulnerable children it’s meant to protect, leaving many without a safe place to live. Foster children often end up on the streets or in jail, which is one of the few places where they can receive treatment services. In this episode, we look into the crisis in foster care, and efforts to fix it.

More >> No place to run

SEATTLE -- Three decades before Ed Murray was elected Seattle's mayor, an Oregon child-welfare investigator found that he had sexually abused his foster son, prompting state officials to conclude that "under no circumstances" should Murray serve as a foster parent in the future.

More >> Report sheds light on sex abuse claims against Seattle Mayor Ed Murray

FYI: This story wins the media circus of the week award!   Great job Mayor Murray!

The annual European Drug Report published last month showed that there is a surprisingly large disparity in Malta between the number of male and the number of female drug users enrolling in specialised drug treatment programmes. In fact, the report for Malta states that fewer than one-fifth of such clients in treatment are female.

More >> Women with drug problems may hesitate to ask for help due to child custody fears, drugs expert says

Plans by the Welsh Government to ban the smacking of children would be an unprecedented power grab that would criminalise thousands of ordinary parents, according to campaigners.

The Welsh Government is seeking cross-party support for a Bill to end the defence of “reasonable chastisement” when allegations of assault are made against parents or guardians.

More >> Campaign launched against plans to criminalise the smacking of children in Wales

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