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Friday, July 21, 2017

LK Daily Report for 7/21/17 - No Russian Babies For You and much more...

Here are the headlines for today.  Check back soon!  
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For almost four years, Oregon parents Amy Fabbrini and Eric Ziegler have been fighting to regain custody of their children. But according to the Oregonian, the state's Department of Human Services removed both of their sons because of low IQ tests and "limited cognitive abilities that interfere with (their) ability to safely parent the child."

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This is the moment masked burglars smashed their way into the home of a mother who has fostered more than 50 children before escaping with £4,000 worth of goods.

More >> Masked burglars smash their way into foster mother's home

Just a reminder: School will be starting soon, new teachers who don't know you or your circumstances might be quick to judge and make phone calls.  So make sure you send in your Reverse Miranda Card.

More >> Child abuse increases with start of school, advocates needed

In a case stemming from the handling of a Los Angeles County teen, the state Supreme Court ruled Thursday that child welfare officials can remove an incorrigible child from a home even if the parents have acted responsibly and done what they can to address the problems.

More >> DCFS Can Remove A Child From A Home Even If Parents Have Acted Responsibly

Washington (CNN)President Donald Trump spoke with Russian President Vladimir Putin in an encounter not initially disclosed on the sidelines of an international summit this month. One of the topics, according to Trump? Russian adoptions.

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Maisha Joefield thought she was getting by pretty well as a young single mother in Brooklyn, splurging on her daughter, Deja, even though money was tight. When Deja was a baby, she bought her Luvs instead of generic diapers when she could. When her daughter got a little older, Ms. Joefield outfitted the bedroom in their apartment with a princess bed for Deja, while she slept on a pullout couch.

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