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Saturday, July 15, 2017

LK Daily Report for 7/15/17 - Disrespecting Foster Parents and More...

Here are the headlines for today.  Check back soon!  
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Every couple of weeks or so, Hamilton County child welfare workers pull out a cot between the desks and file cabinets of their downtown Cincinnati office building and put a child to sleep because they can’t find a suitable family member or an available foster home.

More >> Hamilton County sends about half of its foster kids to other counties


Child welfare workers who pry into electronic records of youth in care are difficult to track, critics warn, with an alert system for possible privacy breaches used only on select files.

More >> Ontario’s children’s aid societies grappling with how to monitor privacy breaches

BENTONVILLE -- A judge on Friday granted a mental evaluation for a former Arkansas Department of Human Services employee accused of sexually assaulting a 4-year-old girl.

More >> Arkansas judge orders mental exam for ex-DHS worker charged in sex abuse of 4-year-old

Some foster carers feel “disrespected” by social workers, while both parties said a lack of clarity and timely resolution of issues was impacting on family life.

More >> Some foster carers feel ‘disrespected’ by staff

Note: I'll bet a lot of real parents feel that way too.

Gross injustice, judicial mistreatment of a young boy, and harassment of the media were on grotesque display in an important custody trial that began today in family court in Brooklyn, New York.

The case of Lee Carda vs. Elizabeth Chandler highlights many of the issues plaguing family courts across America: incompetent and unaccountable judges; multi-year delays in cases coming to trial; false allegations leading to restraining orders that separate children from one parent; corruption in the child support system; denial of due process; ‘attorneys for the child’ or ‘guardians ad litem” who abuse their unchecked powers; and the routine trampling of the constitutional rights of ‘non-custodial’ parents.



Walmart Canada has apologized and says they will pull a baby onesie that many considered offensive from store shelves.

More >> Walmart Canada Will Remove 'Racist' Onesie From Shelves Following Outcry


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