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Monday, July 24, 2017

LK Daily Report for 7/24/17 - Paying for Other Peoples Kids and more...

Here are the headlines for today.  Check back soon! 

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He was a father figure, one who gave a young girl an escape route out of a group home she wanted to leave and sexually abused her in the process. Now, in a case that has prompted a judge to remark on the "apparent never-ending cycle" of the abused becoming abusers, the 41-year-old man has been sentenced to five years in prison.


Taylor Moseley, a 20-year-old East Carolina University student is looking at spending decades behind bars after she was busted having sex with a 14-year-old. And keep in mind that Moseley once revealed that she hoped to become a child psychologist one day.


Note: My heart goes out to this young man, it must have been a horrible experience.


I'm sorry but it's gotta be said.  I'm sure that kid loved every minute of it and is still bragging to his friends about it.

"This isn’t just a series of lapses," said Michael McDowell SC, representing Sgt McCabe. "This is a deliberate decision not to inquire as to how this had gone so catastrophically wrong."

More >> Charleton Tribunal: Senior Tusla executive denies cover-up over false abuse allegation

Katie-Anne Warman, now 21, finally turned in vile Michael Newson after watching a controversial rape scene on EastEnders

More >> MOLESTED AT DISNEYLANDMum first abused at 12 by her foster dad on a trip to Disneyland recalls how he used to rape her while his partner was on the school run
The state of Michigan discovered a clever way to circumvent Second Amendment rights – use children as leverage against armed citizens. The Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS) told fifty-four-year-old retired Marine veteran, William Johnson, that if he didn’t forfeit his Second Amendment right to a self-defense firearm, they would take his grandson from him and place him in a foster home. And the Gogebic County Judge backed them up.


Three Oaks, Michigan (WNDU) -- An elementary school employee in Three Oaks will be back in court on Monday.

She is accused of failing to help a boy who was starved and abused at home. Sherrie bender is one of four school leaders at Three Oaks Elementary facing misdemeanor charges. They're accused of breaking Michigan's child protection law.

More >> School leader accused of not reporting child abuse due in court

According to a recent audit of 150 cases by the State Comptroller, the Office of Children and Family Services could not show that caseworkers contacted 33 children in foster care within the first month of placement as required by the agency.

More >> Audit finds oversight issues with foster care in New York


Houston, Texas —  A Houston man is on the hook for $65,000 in child support for a child that's not his.  Gabriel Cornejo, 45, took a DNA test proving a child his ex-girlfriend had 16 years ago was not his.

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