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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Submitted by Lois

Corruption in the Department of Social Services

Yes, Virginia there is a bogey man. Not in the closet or under the bed. Our bogey man is the Department of Social Services, its employees and contract workers. If you have never had to experience their corruption and cruelty, consider yourself very lucky. What ever you do, don’t let them know of any family crisis!

Why is it that Little Rappahannock County has a higher percentage of Foster Care victims then any other county in the state, consider the population of the county? Why does Virginia have the Nations highest number of children who age out of Foster Care? The answer is very simple, money.

For each child the SS keeps in bondage, the Federal Government pays the state and counties a bounty. If they can find any reason at all they will take your child. You will be prosecuted in court by the Commonwealth’s Attorney, even though you are never charged with a crime. (The Constitution has no place at the SS office.) Though they tell you that there is no crime, you will pay the ultimate penalty, the loss of a child.

They will force you to go and be “evaluated” by their contractor, who then will write a report that of course says you need counseling. They will then send you to their counselor, that the State pays $62 an hour. Now of course they only get that as long as you need “help”. Guess what, each of these people will say whatever the SS wants them too and there is nothing you can do about it. After all you committed no crime, right?

Worst of all crimes is what they are doing to innocent children. How does someone sleep at night knowing that they are selling children for their own gain? A family in crisis does not need to be ripped apart, sometimes they just need help. A child that has already been traumatized does not need to be isolated from their family and subjected to inept and often cruel treatment at the hands of these so called counselors. You will not find anything but heartbreak at the Rappahannock SS. These people have no conscious at all. They need to be stopped.

To add insult to injury they will take money that they say is for child support and instead of giving it to the child, keep it for whatever purposes they see fit. There is absolutely no accountability for these people. Strangely when these things were pointed out and a request was made under the Freedom of Information Act for a copy of the budget of our local DSS, the commonwealths’ attorney instead of investigating, lashes out claiming it is slander. Who is he serving? We condemn others for selling children, yet we condone this?

These people need to be investigated and prosecuted for their crimes against families and the children who are punished and yet did nothing wrong. The real victims here need to speak up. Most of us at some point in our lives will have a crisis of one nature or another. Beware, if the Department of SS becomes involved they will make it worse then you could have ever imagined. If there are others reading this who have been victims of the SS please email me at,

If you know anyone who is paying child support to them, they need to find out if it going to the child or being embezzled. Not one cent of the $2000 they have stolen from me has gone for my daughters care. I now have to borrow money from my sister, who is caring for her, just to have gas to get back and forth to work.

The fight against corrupt government needs to start here. If we can’t fix this we can not have any hope of fixing State and Federal Government.

Lois Young

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