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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Submitted by Anonymous # 2

My son died at a foster home. He committed suicide. The cps and social workers told many lies about me. My son was going to be released in Feb. from foster care he was very happy and excited about that, he was looking forward to coming home. they said he had talked about suicide for over a year and that the day he killed his self he had a rope and told what he was going to do, yet the foster parents did nothing to get him help they didn’t even take the rope from him he also was abused by foster parents, he got ran over by a car 4 years cause he tried to run away from a foster home and he ran in front of a car, then he supposedly fell out of a tree and had surgery then the social workers lied to us, they said he got hurt at school and they said he had surgery on his groin, then someone else said he had surgery on his head. They lied to us the day he died. first they said he was missing for a long time, then they said he was only gone a few minutes and they first told us he died Saturday then they said he died Sunday they took my children because one of my sons that is mentally retarded told them i spanked him well news flash its not abuse to spank a child and they don’t know the situation why he got spankings also when they came to take my children i was at my parents house, they said the house was not good enough i was only staying there a couple weeks then move i was there cause my ex husband wouldn’t leave us alone he came to my house drunk and high on drugs yet cps still allows him contact with my kids even though his rights have been terminated no one ever bothered to ask my kids what kind of mother i am i love my kids more than anything I would die for them. How can they let kids die? They don’t know the feeling of losing a child; they don’t care long as they keep getting a paycheck. How many lives have they destroyed?


  1. I collect the names of children who die in foster care. If it is at all possible, please get me in touch with the author of this article so I can can add her son to the list.

    email: rtmq at

  2. I never keep that info after I post it from the form.

    Best not to.


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