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Monday, November 29, 2010

Submitted by Michael (From Lukes Army)

Little Maddie is two years old on Sunday. DoCS is turning her life support off on Monday without the parent's consent.Maddison is in a critical condition in Randwick childrens hospital after her FATHER stabbed her through the head and put her to bed to die!

!DoCS have given no reason why they have removed the other two children from their mother. DoCS have now reduced visiting time with her critically ill daughter. How can this benefit the child and mother. The two other children have been placed in foster care. The mother did not place this child with their father. The grandfather did against the mother’s wishes.

I have made it my life to expose this, and as much as I see it again and again everyday, and so do all of us CPS activists, there is never any sense behind it. An extremely sick little girl wants her mummy, so what sort of a cruel, heartless, callous witch would cut down visiting hours with the child and her mother. Only a child safety officer. They have no regard for anyone’s feelings. They dish out the justice via the children.

Extreme power. How does it feel to stop a little girl from seeing her mum in hospital. How do these people sleep at night. They can sleep because after you have wrecked the first thousand families it's nothing.D.O.C.S have taken all 3 of Kristy's children for something that WAS NOT Kristy's fault!! Please help us make sure justice is served!

My story is at

Regards Michael Borusiewic

I am a CPS activist from Australia, since my two year old son died in foster care. The following has just occurred on facebook, the best networking tool of the CPS campaigner.

This story has many similarities to my son's circumstances as he lay in hospital for a week before they turned the machines off and he died in my arms.

I was contacted by someone on facebook, I am becoming known as a CPS activist and someone to turn to for help.

Her friends baby had been stabbed by the father. Tragically the one year old baby girl is still in hospital in a critical condition and the father is in jail. The little girl, Maddison Morgan, will turn two next Sunday, if she lives that long.

The two other siblings were removed from Krysty, the mother, after the stabbing by CPS. They also took away the mother's right to decide if the child should be left on life support or not.

CPS even cut back the mother's visiting hours, even though the child has possibly only days left to live. These is the typically cruel, callous and heartless behaviour we have come to expect from these dispicable creatures.

I went to work for this family. The child was stabbed six days ago, they contacted me four days ago. I have since sent out over four thousand emails, posted on about 200 news and CPS sites.

The page on facebook!/pages/Give-Kristy-Her-Kids-Back-Maddie-Needs-Her-Official-Petition/172422176119777?v=wall

has well over 2000 members at present, and they have made me an administrator. I suggested they plan a protest. This looks like it will eventuate.

This facebook page which acts as a forum is the most public display of dissent against the CPS I have ever witnessed. 2000 people all protesting against CPS and supporting the mother.

My campaigning news sites paid off today also, with the families story having showed up on two news sites so far.

In the news article the Minister for CPS certainly has changed her tune. The following link is my comment on the behaviour of the Child Protection Officers towards this mother who is experiencing the most heartbreaking tragedies a parent can ever endure.

We all pray for Madison Morgan to have the strength to survive this fight for her life, and to live out her days in happiness and joy with the loving kindness waiting to be lavished upon her by her mother.

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