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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Submitted by Anonymous # 5

I am a grandmother trying to get my grnadchildren aout of foster care and home with me!

My attorney said to go for guardianship while kathy (mother) still had her rights and if she agreed and would sign the paper work that would help. she also said if I waited until the state had custody the guy who decides the case (MCI) would go for who ever Holycross recomended.

Holycross is a large organization the one I'm dealing with is out of traverse city but they have called in people from their GR and Saginaw branches to help fight this. In saginaw they run a couple group homes that are very bad and have been sued. Kids getting sexually molested by other kids and staff members. There are several articles on Mlive about them. Cameron Deloof was molested there I have his e-mail address and a commenter names Michigan avenger used to work for them and has nothing good to say about them. I saved some of their comments, I have his email too.

Anyway about my case. The court date is 11/17 starts a 9AM Muskegon county court house. I live in Florida and have since 12/2005. When the Kids were taken my son was in jail for drug charges. He was convicted of selling cocaine forgot how long the sentence was but longer than 2 years so his rights were terminated. He later won an appeal that droped the charge to possesion {because he had a very small amount of the drug when arrested and the law clearly states it has to be over that amount for sale) he was out in 12/2009. Kathy still has her rights and has completed her case plan with the exception of loosing her job that she didn't maintain for 2 years.

Kids were taken 2/2008 I was living in a 2 bedroom apt with a friend at the time and they said I could not have them until I had enough room. My brother took Kathy in to try to help get the kids at that time she wasn't working to hard on her case plan so my brother decided to have her move out and get the kids himself. He is married has a large house 2 grown kids. Kathy felt she didn't want the kids going to them thought that she would loose her rights if they did. She told DSS that and the judge, DSS made up some lies and they didn't let my brother get the kids (summer of2008)

By now Kathy was working hard on her case plan since she finally realized she had to. 10/08 Holy Cross took the case and moved the kids to Tustin 2 hours north of GR and were planning on terminating her rights. They got my son and my brother out of the way. In 2009 not sure what month Judge ruled the kids needed to be inegrated into their mothers house and that she should get them back. Holycross drug their feet she didn't start getting the kids at her house for several months. Then they kept coming up with reason to not let them go with her and mostly lying. Kathys room mate hade a snake it was a boa but still very small they said it wraped itself around one of the kids neck and had to be pried off. The said the oldest came back from a visit and said his mother told him he could watch the movie bloody mary {not even that he acctually watched the movie) they the kids behaved badly after visits with their mother. The youngest they said licked the dogs but and they said the questioned the kids about this behavoir and the kids said they had seen their mother do it before (give me a break if thats not a lie) Anyway you see where that went.

As soon as Holy cross took the case problems started. They would not allow me to call the kids (I now have a court order for phone visits) I sent gifts they were all returned. They have done everything they can to seperate them from their family. holy cross and the fosterparents teach the kids that their family is all very bad. While I was up in MI last summer I had 3 days of visits the first 2 went very well then I was suposed to get them unsupervised the last day for the entire day and the kids came very upset saying the had a family meeting and were told the real truth about me and that they aren't allowed to talk about it or they will get in so much trouble. We still had our visit I took the kids to the zoo and holycross waited outside the gates for us. By the end of the visit the kids had warmed up. My other son and his doughter met us there and a friend of mine came along also. But through out the day I kept hearing the same things "not supposed to talk about it and we will get in so much trouble" At the end when we were leave 7yo girl had to go potty very badly and the bathrooms were a little further than expected. So her and my friend ran ahead of the rest of us to try to get there faster. When I got to the bathroom with the rest of the kids 7yo was in there just crying and freaking out I peaked in and said is everything OK. Friend says yes we just had an accident and we're going to rinse out her pants and blow dry them they came out a little later. We all began walking to the car. and she was still very upset saying she was going to be in so much trouble friend and I kept reasuring her that no one would now because she was dry now. Then she said they now every thing and he was going to take her to the utility room and slap her and he hits so much harder than her and she was scared and didn't want to get in the car.

We reported it to holy cross while there. Their response was they would talk to the foster parents. I told them I felt they shouldn't do that since they kids were instructed not to tell and that they said they would be in so much trouble. I called CPS and reported the next day. My attorney said that was a bad move because it just makes me look like I'm trying to make them look bad but it is the truth and the kids are very frightened.

I started looking for a house big enough for the kids and Kathy so either way the kids could live here with or without mom I made an offer 7/09 and informed the judge that I bought the house with the sole purpose of providing a home for the children. We then hired an attorney for mom since public pretendeder was not getting anywhere. Kathy paid part and I paid part spring of 2010.

I had a lot of trouble with the interstated compact requested it, was told by DHS that it was Holy Crosses job to send it and Holy Cross said it was DHS job to send it round and round. Finally arrived in Florida 2/2010. I had no idea I needed to be a foster parent until Florida got the packet they informed me of that. Had I known I would have started the classes long ago but they purposefuly withold information to prevent the children from being placed with family. Florida sent MI initial home study and I began classes as soon as the next session started and became licensed in 8/10.

6/2010 Foster family filed PPO's on me and my brother. Holy cross hacked my brothers facebook page where he made several negative statements about foster family.. They said that I was "combatative" with case worker during phone visits and that I knew where he live and shouldn't and that I knew his buisness was doing badly and shouldn't. He testified in court he was not present during phone visit.s so I guess the case worker must have told him when my grandson got on the phone and began talking about coming to florida and she started yelling at both of us stating we are not allowed to talk about the case and threatened to terminate the call. I told her my grandson was only telling me how he felt and he is a child not a case. The other came from when we were standing out side of the court room and I said, "how is your deck and log home buisness doing?" He replied he hadn't had any buisness in over a year.

At this point I decided to hire an attorney for my self and did 7/2010 and Judge Marietti agreed to hear the case. There is no reason to not give me the kids. I am a licensed foster parent. I am also a licensed Registered Nurse. I work in the ER. I have pediatric advance life support. I have raised 5 children. I am in good health. I have a five bedroom 3 bath home in goood neighborhood and the school district I live in is #1 in the state. I don't have any crminal record or past CPS involvement. Yet they continue to try to keep my family from me.

Date: Wed, 3 Nov 2010 05:00:02 -0400
Subject: Re: Court date on 11/17

I am very interested in your case. This is something that we had tried with success but before the child went under state custody. This may be a altenative for one to try. Keep me informed. Is Holy Cross a adoption and foster care agency in. Never heard of them. They must be small.

Michigan requires you to be licensed for foster care for guardianship they can denie it if you are not. That had their social worker/trauma expert see the kids and say that they were traumatized by me and their mother. I got an independent exam by Phd that said the children had been indoctrinted. When I'm at home I'll send you the reports. They are trying very hard to stop this.


Let us know how that turns out. Good luck. Is this for guardian or foster care. And do you need to be licensed for guardianship. I know you do need to for foster care. We had a mother sign guardianship prior to cps coming involved. We were able to save that child. I don't know what would happen's after they are in state custody, so we need to know what happens here.

I will be in court on Nov 17 in Muskegon county for guardianship of my grandchildren. There is no reason for them not to give them to me. I have done everything theey have asked including getting my fostercare license. Their mother has signed the guardianship papers and her rights have not yet been terminated although they are trying to terminate them. Holy cross and the foster parents are doing everything they can to stop the children from coming home, including attempting to teach them that we are very bad people.

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