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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Social workers are doing their part for reform

Social workers are doing their part for reform

They are actively pursuing the systemic changes the county's Department of Children and Family Services needs to make children safer.

Note: See, this is why I don't consider myself a Child Welfare Reformer. Everybody wants to fix the system. However, depending on which side of the fence you're standing, the reforms that you see as being needed are going to be different.

Everybody wants reform. Foster parents often cry out for reform. However the reforms they seek benefit them. Make it easier to adopt, more money, etc.

Workers cry out for reform. However the reforms they want, tend to benefit them. Make their jobs easier, lower their caseloads so that they have more time to screw with you, less paperwork, etc.

Parents want reform too. They don't want their kids taken into a chronic failure of a system. They don't want to loose control of their lives.

So in reality, we all know that the system is broken, the difference is in the approach. We all want reforms but there is no way that we can come together to solve all of the problems. Why? Because it all comes down to one thing.

Who gets the kid.


  1. Anonymous12:31 AM

    Amen, but everyone learns if CPS has your children do NOT ruffle any feathers. Workers and supervisors will take revenge by cutting off visitation and going at warp speed toward terminating your rights if you dare to suggest the way they do things isn't just perfect. They do not hire professional or ethical people, but instead hire pregressives who believe they are superior and that they and the "state" can and should control everyone's lives. They do not know the meaning of the words "professional" and "ethical," and they are all about counter-transference. If they get your to squirm, crawl, cry and beg them for their profound knowledge and advice and make them look good you MIGHT get your kids back. If you go back to court to get your kids out of an abusive foster home they placed them in they will hate you for making them look bad and you will likely loose your kids. Its really scary how they don't play by any rules of fairness, but instead make life and death decisions that will affect you and your children forever simply based on how they "feel" about you.

  2. Anonymous10:46 AM

    You say reform I say abolish the whole agency. We dont ned an agency that gets paid to protect children. Thats what we have the police for. We do however need a place for children who are displaced. They do not need to be in the homes of strangers they need to be in homes for children. There is way too much money circulated at these children's expense. If there were no money warranted to the state no one would bother. They could care less for these children just ensuring that thier bills are paid on time.


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