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Saturday, November 27, 2010

How To Gather Information On Your Caseworker

I have uncovered 2 methods of winning CPS cases.

# 1 is what I call the Ass Kissing method. This is where the parent does what CPS wants them to do. Then the nice social worker gives the kids back.

# 2 When the last worker came to my door, back in 2003, she sat in my house in fear of her life for 2 hours. That case holds the state record for the quickest investigation in the history of CPS.

If you're not going to use the ass kissing method, you need to be extremely aggressive and pro-active, you need to find creative ways of getting them to comply with your demands. . I don't mean making videos and websites. I mean using the workers name everywhere. I called and complained to my state legislature, I called the governors office. I called the police, I called and complained to the receptionist at the CPS office. I went to the CPS office and made a scene, using the workers name, calling her a liar, etc in front of 50 people, in the nicest and non threatening tone of voice you ever heard. I played the victim all the way.

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